How to buy a dress that suits your body type.

Dresses are probably one of the easiest items to style . Simply because you don’t mix and match or worry about combinations. But there are  a few things you want to keep in mind when you buy a dress.


Length of a dress is what determines how suitable it is for a certain occasion. You also need to pick a dress based on how comfortable you are to wear a dress of certain length. Having said that you would not want to go with a very long dress if you are on the shorter side. That will cut your height. A dress that hits you at the knee would be more flattering.If you are long and slender you would want to go with a full length maxi dress or a min dress which will project your long legs.


Dresses come in all types of fits. The key factor is to pick a fit that highlights your best features. So if you have a petite frame , you want to go with a good A-line dress that gives you fullness. If you have an hour glass figure , a good body con dress will highlight it. If you are broader on the shoulders and slender below the waist , a dress which will


You always want to pick a nice colour that you are sure you look good in . When you buy tops and trousers you always have the liberty to combine and balance the two elements. I believe darker colours work really  well on broader frames. It hides and conceals a lot of flaws that you wouldn’t want people to notice. That can be the reason why a little black dress is every girls best friend.

Red is one colour that ruled  the runways for the past few seasons. Its always fun to see how to take the runway style into everyday fashion . This red dress caught my eye for its colour , its ruffles and flares.

Hope you like the styling . Please leave me your comments down below and I will see you in my next post.







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