How to style a saree the minimalistic way?

From the time i remember , I have been told by countless people in my life on how to style a saree. Styling a saree can be a daunting to task. From selecting the blouse to jewellery to footwear to make up. `

But over the years i have loved wearing a saree and dressing it up without hundred other things. I let either on of the components in my entire look sing the song. It can be the spree , the blouse , the jewellery or my make up.


Its unbelievable how the variety of blouses you can make these days. There should be one playful element in your blouse. It can be a classic boat neck or a bit of lace or anything else that you like . There are also a lot of crop tops that are available online which you can double up as saree blouses.

2. Make up

I feel with the saree you can go heavy with your make up . Thats the kind of vibe which most people go for. But what I love to do is to go for a bright lipstick which either exactly matches your saree or a colour which is a sharp contrast to your saree. I decided to go with a Classic red colour which is in sharp contrast to my saree.


I decided to keep my jewellery very simple here. Just a pair of studs. You can go for either a good fancy earring or a necklace. Keeping your jewellery simple brings attention to your overall look and feel.  If you are not a bangles person , getting a full sleeve lacy blouse is the way to go.  🙂


You can do all the styling in the world to dress this amazing piece of clothing called saree. But if you don’t know how to drape a saree in a way that flatters your body , it defeats the purpose. There are hundreds of ways to drape a saree. You need to figure out a drape that flatters your figure . I almost always go for the pleated drape because i feel it  keeps my broad shoulders promotional to my more slender hips.

Hope you like my tips and the styling below. Please leave me your comments down below and I will see you in the next post.








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