Long wearing Lipstick tips for Working Women and Boss Babes.

If you have a full time job  , you would know that the struggle is real to keep yourself together amidst of a pile of work. I also feel a lot of women who have a desk job doesn’t bother to really dress up and put even the slightest hint of make up . It seems unnecessary to them. I beg to differ 🙂

I feel a well put together appearance brings a lot of confidence to every woman. I am not saying your appearance should be the only thing that should standout at your workplace. Ofcourse its your intelligence , your skill set and your personality. But how you look and dress is definitely a part of your personality. 

The easiest way to bring some life into your face even if you have had bare minimum sleep is a good lipstick. But most of us ,have an 8-12 hour work day on an average. Here are my 3 simple tips on making your lipstick last longer.

1.Apply a lip balm before you go to sleep everyday.

This will ensure that your lips are not dry and out of life the next day morning. Lipstick will look good on a good nourished lip rather than dry/chapped lips.

2.Layer your lipsticks.

Assuming you first apply your lipstick in the morning when you get ready. Most people have a nude lipstick which is almost your lip colour in your make up stash.Apply that as your base. Its better, if that nude colour is a liquid lip . Then go over your base with the lipstick you want to apply for the day.

Having a base make your lipstick might make your colour a shade lighter. But thats ok for office i believe :). But since you have two layers , your lipstick will stay put longer. Win Win


3.Touch up your lipstick after lunch.

Keep the top coat lipstick you applied for the day in your handbag / laptop bag. Take it with you when you freshen up or use the washroom after lunch. Apply another layer after your meal.

Most of the lipsticks wear off after having meals. Make sure that your touch up is after the meal.



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