How to look amazingly stylish in minutes.

Stylish outerwear is a recent obsession of mine. I started following the rule of three when it comes to my outfits . So everyday i pick out a top , a bottom and an outerwear. Since its the winter i have been gravitating towards jackets and coats. A stylish outerwear will give you that oomph factor to your outfit.

In todays outfit post I am showing how I style a long trench coat and how it lifts my otherwise basic outfit. A trench is not sufficient to keep you warm during a cold winter. But a good oversized trench can be worn over a good knit or sweater dress. I picked mine in a beige colour which i could pair with mainly anything and everything.

I could also wear this with my more casual outfits as we are transitioning towards spring now in Johannesburg. I love how this trench provides a little extra to my outfit . It is quite long and hits me below my knees. I feel powerful and confident when i wear this piece of clothing. Does that happen with you. šŸ™‚ ??

Trench :-`MrPrice ,Johannesburg






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