5 Must have accessories in your closet

1.Sunglasses .

Invest in one good pair which will last you for years . Make sure that the size shape and fit suits your face . Make sure that the tone of your sunglasses match your skin tone . Make sure that you buy something classic which you can practically wear with any outfit under the sun .

On days when you have no sleep at all , all you need are those kickass sunglasses and a killer lipstick 💄. You will be good to go 🙂

My pick is the ray ban foldable wayfarers in this brown color . I have had this for a good 4 years now . Since it’s foldable it fits into my smallest clutch as well . Win Win.



2. Shoes

For a part of my life I felt I should spend my money predominately on clothes to be put together . I never worried about a shoe collection untill an year back I can’t emphasize the importance of having a few good pair of shoes. It will always elevate your outfit . Also it highly unlikely that you will outgrow a pair of shoes . 😊

I would suggest to invest in classic neutral colors first and then build up from there .

If you are a woman who is on the go , you need to invest in comfortable chic footwear . You should ideally have a pair of loafers / ballerinas depending on your style .A pair of good sneakers for Fridays when your dress code is business casuals would also be great .

The key is to invest in classic and not trendy styles when you start off . 





If you are not a big on jewellery a classic gold /silver bracelet watch will lift your look immediately. Instead of buying a number of watches , invest in a good one . The classic fossil rose gold / gold or the  titan classic watches or the Daniel wellington watches are good picks.


A good handbag should be a must in every girls wardrobe. Many a times i have seen girls wearing very expensive outfits and pair it with some cloth bag. For many people handbags are something to carry things from one place to another. A good handbag can immediately give your outfit that extra oomph. depending on your personal you should choose your handbags. But a sling bag , a tote bag , a cute backpack and a cute purse would be an absolute must.



5.Smile 🙂

if you are not a pleasant person , no amount of clothes or accessories can lift your outfit. It is your personality that shines through an outfit . So always wear a good smile .




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