Online Shopping Series::Floral Black Maxi dress

The various online shopping sites in India have switched up their game so high these days. It is actually unbelievable. So I decided to try out a bunch of stuff from various sites,out of pure curiosity. I get a lot of queries / inquiries from  from family and friends if i wear only clothes from Zara. 🙂 There is no such thing. Zara is a very popular brand and i really enjoy their cuts. Its just a personal preference. It does not mean that you cannot look chic in any other brand. Fashion doesn’t have boundaries or so do I feel. 

pic4temp (2)


The one thing that I noticed while  shopping online is that  you should be careful in  selecting the correct size for yourself. Remember it is not a single brand that is selling their products in the portal. Every brand has their own size chart. You will have to carefully go through each of them and pick the one that is your size.Few of the sites give you notifications like “This piece runs a little big . So select one size lower”. Its better to decide if you want to buy a smaller size depending on the cut of the dress. If its a figure hugging one , try and get the one that matches your size. If the cut is slightly big and fabric is very flowy , go for a size smaller. Factor in these things before selecting clothes online.

pic5 (2)

Look at this maxi dress I picked up from Jabong. It is from a brand called MIAMINX. I fell in love with the print . It came up with a black belt with some golden strap. I decide to skip that because , i felt the dress fell beautifully with that clinch at the waist. I styled it black stilettos and a deep maroon lipstick. Added some curls to my hair as well.


pic5temp (2)




pic6 (3)


Hope you like the styling.Leave me your comments down below and I will see you in the next post. 


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