Indian Twist::Saree with Crop Top

I have been wanting to do a Saree look for a long time. This is what I decided to come up with. I have been seeing a lot of trendy blouse deigns all over social media. I am still on a hunt  to find a tailor who can bring those designs to life for me. In my struggle to find an alternative , I stumbled upon crop tops on various websites. I knew I could work this out. I decided to pair the Saree with a lace crop top which otherwise I wear with my statement trousers. It gives me great joy when I can transition pieces in my wardrobe from western to Indian. 

I  kept the accessories minimal with just black studs so that the statement blouse speaks for itself. Hope you enjoy the styling.

Please leave me your comments down below and I will see you in my next post.

IMG_8180 (2)

IMG_8196 (2)





IMG_8205 (2)

IMG_8256 (2)

IMG_8249 (2)

IMG_8258 (2)

IMG_8279 (2)



4 thoughts on “Indian Twist::Saree with Crop Top

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  1. Good idea. Mixing the Indian with the western wear. Keep it up. Dressing in style is also about innovative combinations and I am sure many fashion divas out there will agree


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