Flowers bloom within me:: Styling Floral prints.

I have been enjoying the countless pictures of tulips and various other summer blooms all across social media. It is always a good feeling to see flowers bloom. It brings a smile on my face. It fills my soul with a lot of positive energy. In this world of today , I feel there is so much of negative energy around. With the rise of social media everyone has an opinion on everything and people have become so judgmental. I personally took a new year resolution this year to shut negativity out from my life. The simplest way to practice that was to stop myself from saying negative statements. I have not been completely successful . But I try every day, It is much more difficult than I thought. But I want to try practicing it everyday. It makes me feel better when I realize that, I am a more positive person than last year.

I felt extremely happy wearing this floral ensemble from Westside. The large floral prints are not something I have in my wardrobe. The Kurta also has a high low hem line which I loved.  I want to try creating something that is outside my comfort zone. I chose to wear it with white palazzos and white stilettoes. I hope by now , you all know that I am a minimum jewelry person. Chunky jewelry and lot of bangles with ethnic wear is not my style. I always prefer my outfit to make a statement than anything else. Hope you enjoy.

Please leave me your comments down below and I will see you in my next post.IMG_7906 (2)



IMG_7953 (2)


IMG_7991 (2)





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