Beating Summer in Style:: Distressed Denim and White Shirt

Distressed Jeans was never my thing. I kept away from it for an unreasonably  long time because I personally felt it looks inappropriate on a thirty something female. That’s just me!. I personally like to see this style on other women  . I just felt it was not the thing for me, until recently. I spotted this pair of jeans on a mannequin and something within me told me that I needed to buy this. I was already contemplating a summer look in my mind and this just added to those ideas.

Anyhow here I am with another post on how to style a pair of distressed jeans. This is probably the  easiest of the ways.Pair it with a crisp white cotton shirt. 🙂 I cannot emphasize the importance of a cotton shirt enough. It should be a wardrobe staple in every woman’s closet. White reflects light and cools you down during summer. Pairing it with this pair of jeans lifted up the look to another level , or so  I felt…. The jeans is not a full length one. It is cut only till the ankle which lends it a unique look.I decided to wear white stilettoes to complete the look. You can style it with a pair of white casual shoes also . It will look totally cool. Hope you like the styling.!

Leave your comments down below and I will see you in my next post.

IMG_8095 (4)







IMG_8126 (2)


Outfit Details.

Jeans:MrPrice South Africa

Shirt:Jet South Africa



LiquidLipStick:-L A Girl Instinct


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