Victoria Beckham::Beyond what the world sees.

Victoria Beckham inspires me in more ways than one.She is renowned for her edgy fashion choices. She is one of the most photographed woman in the world. She looks put together , elegant and a boss lady in all her pictures. I have listed down a few of her looks which I have kept as references for myself. 

Having said the above , I want this post to be more than fashion or looks . The most compliment a woman receives is on her looks or clothes. I believe this holds up for not just celebrities , but also for any normal person.

Victoria Beckham is a mother of 4 children . She is the wife of David Beckham, who is a very successful footballer and a celebrity himself. The courage she showed in bringing her fashion empire up , when she did have a choice to comfortable hassle free life is to be applauded . Not everyone makes these choices.

Victoria Beckham was one of the spice girls. They were quite a popular band at that point of time. I am pretty sure her transition from being a spice girl to a  fashion designer would not have been an easy one, considering the fact that fashion industry is such a niche industry where you get judged for anything and everything.

Victoria Beckham is married to a person who is very successful at what he does. Trust me , even in this world of today , it is extremely difficult for a woman to be taken seriously in a professional environment. From her success story this lady has cut a few things seriously right to reach where she is today.

Women like her inspire me to push my boundaries every single day .

Let me discuss some VB fashion below.Hope y’all like the compilation

1.Pink Trousers

The pink trouser is a tricky thing to pull off without looking utterly girly. Victoria Beckham looks very much a boss lady in the below combo. A crisp white shirt always helps.


2.Beige Dress

It is not necessary to wear black or white to look sophisticated. Beige with prints can work wonders if paired with the right accessory. Black pumps , black handbag and a pair of black sun glasses.


3.Pleated Skirt

Do you think pleated skirts are for evening do’s. Think again.Dont forget my tip of a crisp white shirt. A must have in your wardrobe.


4,Colour Block

Wearing contrast colors without looking like a clown is a skill. Our lady does that with style. 



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