Make Up of The Day ::Monotone Pink Tones

From today I am featuring the make up looks that I wear with my outfit posts. I hope this give you ideas on what make up to wear with each outfit . The first make up look that I I have come up with is a monotone pink look. I wore this make up with the black maxi dress outfit post I did a week back.

You can check out the maxi dress outfit here. I have worn a darker lipstick in the outfit post which is below.


Most of the make up artists say not to match the colour of your eyeshadow to that of your lipstick or blush. I am all for breaking that rule. I love to paint my eyes, cheeks and lips . A subdued pink for daytime though. This is the look I came up with.I personally felt the lighter lip colour is more flattering. What do you guys think.



Step1: Add a light brown colour to the crease of your eyes.

Step2:Take a shader brush and put a dark pink colour to the socket.

Step3:Put a lighter pink colour to the inner corner

Step4:-Put a medium brown colour to the outer corner.

Step5:Blend Blend after each of the above steps.

Step6:Line the upper rim of the eyes with black kohl.

Step7:Line the lower rim with brown liner. I dint want the lower line to be harsh

Step8:Smoke the lower lash line with pink eye shadow .

Step9:Line your lips with brown liner and put on a matte pink lipstick.

Step10:-Dust pink blush on your cheeks for a wash of colour.


Hope you like this look. Leave me your comments down below and I will see you in the next post.


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