Summer in Yellow ::Off Shoulder Top and Good Old Jeans

Being a dark skinned girl , i have been told countless number of times to wear colors that make me look fair. Yellow was definitely not one of those colors. But me being me , if there are any rules people tell me , i will break them anyway .. eventually 😉 My thumb rule of fashion now is to wear anything I think I can carry off . Hence this yellow off shoulder top.

Most of the off shoulder tops I have tried on previously are not comfortable. I feel it hugs my body at at all the wrong places.But this piece changed my perception about off shoulders.It is the most comfortable piece you can wear on a hot sunny day. It reflects light.The material is cotton. The neckline is so perfect , you can pull it up and down based on what look you want to go for.I have tried some different lengths in different shots.By the way did I tell you , I picked this also up from Zara? ;). I have paired it with a stonewashed jeans and a pair of white shoes.

Hope y’ll  like the styling. I will talk to you in my next post . Bye 🙂











Jeans:-Jet South Africa

Shades:-Rayban Rounds





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