White With a Pop of Red::White midi Skirt and Red Knit Top

Happy Monday Everyone. It feels good to be back here , compiling pictures and writing posts. I wanted to come up with valentines day outfits .Unfortunately , it has been such a busy week that my whole posting schedule went for a toss. Posting here was there in the back of my mind from Monday to Friday. But it just dint happen. Sometime you fail to make things happen. Its okay, no body is perfect . Its okay to take one thing at a time. I just make sure that , I outdo myself in what I do.

The outfit of the day today is a white midi skirt with a thigh high slit and Red knit top. I paired it with wedges and a white sling bag. I liked how this outfit came out. I basically dint want to go all red red on valentines . So this was one of the outfits I wore in the morning. The white takes away the intensity from the red. Or so do I feel 🙂 The slit adds some kind of a play fullness to the outfit. If you notice the skirt has an asymmetric hemline which I absolutely adore. 

Hope y’ll like the styling.Leave me your comments down below Bye. 













Knit Top & Skirt:- Zara


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