Polka Dot Love::Ruffles ,Flares and Black

Polka Dots was never my style. I  used to think polka dots  is for kids and teenagers. But as you grow older , there is a change in the way you think. There is also a change in the way you  dress.. That is the reason why I wanted to give this skirt a go. I loved the way this turned out.The high low cut of the skirt adds some playfulness to the outfit. Ruffles and flared sleeves are a big rage this season. I have been waiting the longest time to find something with flared sleeves. I finally found this black top in Zara in their 2017 sale. 
I love how the flared top compliments the structured skirt. This top is a a very versatile piece. It can also be dressed down , if worn with a jeans. Very casual, easy but very feminine. 
Hope you’ll like the styling. Leave me your comments below. Bye.









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