StarBucks Date::Valentines Day Inspiration in Red

Valentines Day came early for me:). I don’t know why in my mind it is already valentines season.. So I am constantly wearing red tops , red shirts etc. 

Being in Love is an amazing feeling. But over the years my definition of love has changed. I have realized love has different shades . It is multi-dimensional.One my biggest learning on love has been to let go off yourself for someone else. Letting go of your fears , your anxiety , your worries, your expectations…This doesn’t mean surrendering your character/individuality. Only when you loose yourself to someone will you find your real self. I believe that is why people say “I have fallen in love”. You see , its a fall 😉

My outfit of the day is a simple red top with this asymmetric pants. This is perfect for a lunch/dinner date. You can totally throw in on a jacket /blazer for a more dressy look. In my part of the world it is still summer. So I skipped the jacket. I just added a black choker for some spunk. Hope you like the styling.






















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