Sunny Day::Printed Cardigan and White Tank Top

For the longest time I have built my wardrobe around tops , shirts , t shirts and dresses. A cover up or a cardigan is something which I never bothered to put my money on. Everytime I used to see a cradigan , my brain will automaticall think “why should I buy this for this much money , let me go check out some dresses “. Beleive me cardigans especially the semi long to long ones are a big rage in the fashion world for the past 2 years atleast. Still my brain could never convince my heart 😉

I have a habit of watching a lot of youtube beauty videos. Thats just how I chill out after a long day of work.I also love to see how all these young girls push their creative minds to no limits. So, one of those days I was watching Kathleen Lights (a very famous youtuber) doing a review on some beauty products. She has this habit of matching the colour of her top , to her nails and lips. I saw her wearing white cardigan with red prints , red lips and red nails. For some reason , i felt it was just a very effortless , put together look. It was that day I made up my mind that may be I should give this a shot.

A cardigan can immediately lift your simple t-shirt outfit to a chic , put together look.It helps to hide your little imperfections if you dont have a flat tummy or if you are slightly top heavy. For people who dont wear structured tops can totally do that and throw on a cardigan on top .

A printed cardigan on a bright sunny day is what I bring to you today. You can totally pair this with white jeans/light blue jeans.

Cardigan :-H&M








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