How to style a red gingham ruffle top

Red is a colour I consider as a neutral. I can wear red all day everyday. Red lipstick lifts up my mood. Red roses brings a smile on my face. Red is a colour that in every sense makes me happy. Will I paint the walls of my house red ?, No 🙂

Red Gingham is a trend that has been ongoing for quite sometime now. Zara came out with ginghams in crop tops, trousers, dresses and what not.The gingham  pattern is very flattering on a lot of women. If you don’t want to go for a red gingham , you can do a more subtle neutral blue. Not to mention the cut of this blouse. It a wrap top. This is just a style which flatters women of all forms and sizes. DVF wrap dresses in prints are so drool worthy. But not everyone can afford a DVF dress. There a quite a lot of brands that come up with wrap dresses and tops. A wrap top with gingham pattern is such a match made in heaven. 

I fell in love with this red gingham top from Miaminx. The ruffles just added a chic look to the whole outfit. 

I paired it with a plain white skirt. I have kept everything else muted . So the entire look revolves around the top, The top is extremely comfortable to wear even on a sunny day. I loved strolling the streets in this outfit.

Hope you like the styling. Leave me your comments down below and I will see you in my next post.

Outfit Details

Top:-Miaminx .shop here









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