How to style a coloured horizontal stripe dress

Horizontal stripes are a big no no for a lot of women, Off late I have been learning how to style them in different ways to flatter my figure. Horizontal stripes tend to make you look broader because of the striped pattern where as the vertical stripes elongate your figure.

The trick to follow here is to go for more narrow stripes. Also too many colours on stripes can make you appear broader. Stick to thin stripes within the same colour palette. 

Another good way to style your striped dress is to have a sharp contrast. Add a denim jacket or a black duster coat or a simple black coat. This breaks the monotony of striped pattern and lends you a sharper ,a more structured look.

If you see here , I have opted for a shift dress which does not hug on to my body. The denim jacket give it just the right amount of structure.

Hope you like my styling here. Leave me your comments down below and I will see you in my next post.

Outfit Details


Jacket:-Forever 21

Shoes:-Inc 5

Bag :H&M









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