Wardrobe Basics For the effortless , on the go woman

Do you suffer from I don’t have anything to wear syndrome? If yes , you might want to read this post. You need to own certain basic pieces in your wardrobe , which will make getting ready in the morning not a torture. 

The items you need to have in your wardrobe are below.

1.Black/ Dark Blue Slim/Regular Fit Jeans

I cannot emphasize the importance of a pair of  good structured denims. I am not talking about the distressed or stone washed ones. You need to own a clean , non distressed , fitting jeans which can pass of as smart casuals and also as part of a semi formal outfit.

You can pick either a black or dark blue color based on your liking. You could also go for a fit which is comfortable for you. Make sure that you invest in a good brand , even if that means spending some extra bucks.  This is a classic timeless piece that will take you through multiple fashion evolution’s.



2.Navy Blue Trousers

A silk wrinkle free navy trouser is something every woman especially a working woman should posses. It is such a classic piece that you can pair with a range of tops/blouses/shirts. It can be worn with a blazer for a very formal look and also with a simple white button down  for a laid back look. The reason why I mentioned wrinkle free is , this should be one of those items , you should be able to pull out from your wardrobe and pair it with some of your fancy tops.


3.Black Pencil/Midi Skirt

A black skirt is one of the most versatile more feminine pieces that you will own. You can go in for a midi skirt or a pencil skirt based on your body type. If you have more of an hour glass figure then I would suggest a pencil skirt. Midi skirt is equally good if you don’t want to go in for a pencil skirt. You don’t have to invest a fortune to  get this piece. There are a lot of affordable brands, that you can go for. But this will definitely be a classic , timeless and versatile piece that you will last with you for years.

4.Crisp white cotton shirt

A white shirt is the one of the wardrobe staples that is mentioned by the who’s who in the blogging scene / fashion industry. I would like to just add on and say , go in for a white cotton shirt. Not wrinkle free here  🙂 You can go in for bright white / off white based on what flatters you. But go one size up , and get one in cotton material. It should have the right shape that flatters your body type. The one you can wear with your jeans and with your more formal trousers.


5.Neutral T-shirts and  Silk Camisoles.(Black/White/Nude/Grey)

I was one of those girls who used to spend all my money on fancy tops for my off duty looks . But off late , I have realized that I am not reaching for those , unless I am going out for dinner , or basically going to an environment where I need to dress up.

When I am literally running out of the door for my errands , I reach for my black T-shirt /grey T-shirt/ white T-shirt. T-shirt can be round neck , polo neck or turtle neck. You should buy something that you are extremely comfortable in .I would like to re-iterate that you need to invest in a good brand for these T-shirts , so that it can survive the abuse you can put this through,


I have mentioned silk camisole in this section . It is because , its a more dressy version of a T-shirt. The ways you can style a T-shirt is restricted. You can style a silk camisole in multiple ways. You can wear it on its own. You can wear it with a silk cardigan /knit .Please note that I am not talking about our typical cotton lace camisole.

6.Black/Dark Blue blazer

This is an absolute must for a college going girl as well as a working woman. You can wear this over your camisole , t-shirt and instantly it will give you a chic look. Again, invest in a good brand . A basic blazer is never going to go out of style.

The above wraps up my essentials for that girl , who doesn’t want to go extra, She just wants a fuzz free life where she doesn’t want to think a lot about picking outfits. 

I am stating the below few staples for girls who wants to go that extra mile.

1.White blouse with blue pin stripes.

Blue pin stripes is a classic style that will never go out of fashion.  It is such a versatile piece that you can style with your distressed denim and blazer or a simple regular jeans.

2.Floral Maxi Dress

If you want to look chic on a beach, this what you should own. A floral maxi is my tip to look chic on my vacations without thinking too much. Not to mention the oomph factor it gives to your pictures.

pic5temp (2)

3.Long Flowy Printed Cardigan

A cardigan is something which you can style with your camisoles , your T-shirts. It will instantly lift your look without an effort. If you are on the shorter side , you need to look for something that will hit your knee.

If you are on the taller side, you can look for a longer one that will hit your toe.

4. Camel Coat for winters.

If you ask me which coat you have to buy to survive a winter , I would say please go in for a camel color one. Not black , Not grey, But this. In my opinion , this is the most flattering piece across women of all colours , shapes and sizes. 

You can totally substitute this with black coat or a sweater , if a coat is not your style.

Hope you found this post helpful . Leave me your comments down below and I will see you the next post.


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