Randomness::Mustard Maxi Dress

Long Time ..No see,…


Sometimes all you want to do is take a pause and do what calms your mind, I have been going through such a phase the past one month, Not to mention , there is not one single day which goes by where in I don’t think about this blog . I have this constant urge to update the blog with some information or the other , so that I can keep things buzzing here. But somewhere deep down , I hear a voice which tells me , put something out only if it inspires you. I have decided to follow that voice and not revel on what my brain tells me to do.


As a person with a regular office job , I can not always listen to my inner voice and make decisions. Not to mention , I am equally passionate about what I do at my office .I want this blog to be how I am , if that makes sense


Todays outfit is not something I adore. For the longest time , people used to tell me bright yellow/mustard tones flatter my skin tone. That kind of played on my mind and I chose this outfit. I anyways wanted to give this outfit a go. It is a long maxi , Indian dress. The colour of the outfit was so overwhelming to me that , I decided to keep the accessories minimal to nothing, 


I am still not sure if this looks flattering on me. What to you think ?


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