I am me…..

When I was a child my mother used to tell me to dress accrording to an occassion. My make up , jewellery and outfits were to be chosen so that I blend in with the crowd and not stand out. As I became older, I felt a need to blend in everywhere . Be it a social gathering or my workplace. But along the years i also realized that in this process I started loosing a part of myself. There were very few decisions which i took thinking about what I felt and how i felt. Most of my decisions depended on “what people around me would think?”

 To regain that lost part I had to make a consious effort . An effort to think for myself . An effort to trust my own judgements. An effort to trust my decisions.An effort to not be apologetic about my decisions. An effort to own upto myself. By doing this i can say i definitely did not blend in, if not stand out. But i also became more aware of my strengths and weaknesses.The insight on my strengths provided me the confidence to do what I was good at. My weaknesses made me realize what I needed to work on.

Life is a journey. Everybody has their own part to play in the journey. And I embrace my part in this journey of life. Do you ?


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