Tips to make your travel or holiday pictures look good .

Hello all ..

Compliments of New Year . I consciously took a hiatus from my work , most part of December . This time around it was a conscious decision , so that i could unwind , rejuvenate and have better clarity about 2018 . I am not sure what is in store for me this year . But I certainly feel prepared to embrace what life has to offer me .

I love traveling and I am a firm believer of traveling in style . I am a person who plans all my outfits meticulously based on the places I visit . Basically when I look back at my travel pictures , I should feel good and happy .

I believe what stands out the most in a travel picture is either your outfit or any of the props that go with your outfit . In December I visited Muscat . It’s a beautiful country surrounded by mountains . Most of our activities were either in the desert or the beaches .

I was also doing a lot of sight seeing which meant I couldn’t wear a cute outfit . I stuck to jeans and some pretty tops . Very basic and neutral . I combined it with a pink hat for that burst of color . It’s the most stand out property in all my pictures .

The other important accessory that can really elevate your pictures are sunglasses . It hides your tired eyes and takes away the attention from your swollen face .

Hope you found these tips useful . Leave your comments down below and I will see you soon . Bye


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